Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hot hectic summer

I love summer it's my favourite season, long days, long sunny evenings and long shadows, summer food, BBQ's, icecream & strawberries, colourful gardens, visiting friends and sitting out in the garden chatting and sipping a little vino Rose...lovely! (Thanks Ana & Rich for yet another fab weekend of gorge food and fab company!) 
...but things can get quite hectic as you're fooled you have more time in the day, so you cram more into your days, stay up later, work longer, say yes to every invitation and burn the candle at both ends untill it catches up with you and you realise you can't do everything...
...it's caught up with us, we were all so shattered this morning, and my poor Lily has had a cough for a week now but kept going during the day as kids do and suffered on a night,  now it's turned into a fever and she's off school today.  

It's made me slow down though, I've had to cancel my appointments today, one of which was a talk with the kids up at Lil, Sonny & Sky's school which I was soooo looking forward to, but everything's been rescheduled and it's forced us all to slow down which can only be a good thing! 

We sometimes expect too much from our kids busying their lives up with clubs and classes, wanting them to take advantage of every opportunity because we never had them when we were kids , I have a spread sheet on the fridge so I know where each child is going to be everyday!! We need to schedule in some nothing time,  let kids be kids, let them have some me time!
Get well soon special xxx

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mini portraits

I've been working on little mini portraits using felt and bits of the kids & Chris's old clothes, I've a few more girls to finish then I'll sketch up a few boys! I'm really enjoying myself sat out in the sun listening to music and sewing, the time just fly's by ridiculously very fast and before I know it it's school run time! I hope to have enough artworks to put in my little Etsy shop mid july!...job no 502!

Sonny in the sunshine!

Yesterday evening was just me and my boy playing out in the sunshine, Lil was at football and sky was at dance with a friend, so me & Son did some chalking. I drew around Son, even though he couldn't keep still for giggling at the under the arms bits...and other bit's!...
...and then Son drew me (it's difficult to see but I'm the large 'blob' on the right!...)  "Oooo Sonny, I'm a bit of a funny shape, where are my legs?", " Mummy they're under your dress because you're a princess"
eeee butter wouldn't melt, he can wind me round his little finger!!

'Lil Sonny Sky's Book of the week...

Gabriella's Song By Candace Fleming, illustrated by the fantastic Giselle Potter is a beautiful tale about little Gabriella walking through the streets of Venice interpreting the sounds she hears into a tune which she hums,  then the tune gets passed onto different people in the shops & streets until with the help of a struggling composer gets turned into a beautiful symphony! 
Skyla loved the details in the gorgeous illustrations by Giselle Potter, check out her website, especially the animation link and the fab persil ad she! 
Sky also learnt a lot from this book... what a symphony was (...a grand piece of music....."like High School Musical Mummy?")  What a widow was (....a lady who has lost her husband...."won't she ever find him Mummy is that why she's sad?") and "mio amore"...my love! lovely read together book, a lot better than High School Musical!!! 
...." will I ever find my huband? is he hiding in the bread basket? under the table perhaps?"......

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Happy Father's day!!!

I know this is a wee bit late, as it was Fathers day on Sunday when we were camping, but still, we just wanted to say  Thanks Chris, for being the bestest Daddy/Dad/ best mate , in the whole wide world ever since Dads were invented. 
Lil, Sonny & Sky are the luckiest kids to have such a fab caring Dad, and they say -BIG Thanks for all the camping, fishing, bedtime stories, spike Milligan, bread making, planting Vegetables, gooby music, random purchases when totally skint ( eg. bikes, trampolines, running shoes...to mention but a few!!) leaving work early to go to football trials/ races/ & general taxi-ing but very most of all, your caring, love & support and absolute dedication to giving us the very  bestest childhood memories you possibly can! Dad you're fab! love u :):):)xxx

And of course Happy Fathers Day to the older wiser very bestest Dad in the whole wide world ever, Thanks for being gorgeous and Thanks for being a wonderful foot-balling Grandad!!xxx

Monday, 22 June 2009

Mariela Marabi

I bought this beautiful book Animales by Mariela Marabi  from Imaginarium,  in Puerto Banus, and wanted to share some it's lovely felt animal illustrations...


It's fair to say camping is not my favourite thing in the world to do, and that I am a fair weather camper...which is funny really as I can't recall a time when I've been camping and it's actually been sunny!

I go camping for the kids, they absolutely love it, sleeping in the tent, running around at 10.30pm with torches eating sausage butties cooked on the little gas stove, even brushing your teeth with your friends in the communal bathroom is all really fab and exciting!... 
...they seem to ignore the rain on the tent, deflating camp mattresses in the night, endless attacks by hungry midges, the little bird that sneaks into your tent and poo's on everything, AND 'mrs' Crow screeching to her other half at 4am " looky 'ere, there is a family asleep in this tent shall we wake them up?" to which he screeches a really very loud reply of " Naa dont bother, there's 3 children in there and they wont hear a thing, we'll just annoy the parents by flapping up and down wildly outside the tent!"... BUT it wouldn't be camping without all these lovely outdoorsy at one with nature things! 
... and I got a chance to do my second Peak, Ingleborough. I can't believe my little Sonny managed  to do it! We also visited the caves which the kids thought amazing especially the big stalactites called whitch's fingers, which if they dripped on you gave you 7 years bad luck!  cooooool!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Mr Blue bird on my shoulder

It's Friday! yeah! just packing to go on a camping trip to north Yorkshire, it's forecast a bit of rain, but hay it wouldn't be a camping trip without some rain leaking through your ground sheet!! happy weekend, hope Mr Blue bird lands on your shoulder...he's on mine!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Summer rain

The weather keeps teasing us with gorgeous red hot days followed by windy, cool rainy days! Which seems to be a running theme with my personal artwork. The little girls coat is made from fabric from Skyla's sun dress when she was little, I love using bit's of the kids clothes in my work...
...and this is how I found the kids whilst waiting for tea after a long busy day at school, Sonny had nodded off! eee it's a hard life at 3 and a half.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

'Lil Sonny Sky's Book of the week...

Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems is this weeks fave, The story is very simple but hits a chord with all my kids, the stress that Trixie feels when she realises Knuffle Bunny's been left behind in the Laundromat (which is an earth shatteringly BIG deal when you're 3 and a half!). Sonny belly laughs when I speak the voice of Trixie, and how distressed she is trying to communicate with her oblivious dad the fact that knuffle Bunny's been left behind! We plan to get the follow up book and we have don't let the pigeon drive the bus which is fab too!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

let's go fly a kite...

I LOVE SUMMER! ...getting out of the house and doing fab family things, gorgeous sunny day, top of a mountain flying a kite, it's inspired me to do a piece of fabric art...job no 325!
It's the simple things that make my kids so happy, kites, puddles, water, space, ...Haribo, bit like their mother!

Thursday, 11 June 2009


When I was away we did a bit of shopping, as you do, and we went to the fabulous Imaginarium. It's a spanish toy and book shop with beautifully designed toys and gorgeously illustrated books.(Gorgeously? I think I've just made up a new  word!) 
I bought quite a few books and some bits and bobs for the kids including a lovely paper doll book for Sky. All the books are in Spanish but you can buy them online in English here, although I think the delivery is quite pricey. 

I've visited Imaginarium  twice before in Barcelona and Palma, the shop fronts all have a big entrance door for the adults and a little kiddy size door for little ones, (Which, to the great amusement of my friends, who are all BFG's apart from me and Lindee, the little door was for me as I am a Borrower! yeah, funny...) 
They wrap all your purchases up and stick lolly pops on the front, so they looked extra exciting for the kids, how lovely. 

I bought this craft book for inspiration to do some junk modelling in the summer holidays, it shows you how to create a little witches castle and various creatures to go with it...
sink plug spider
W i d e  mouth frog
Witches castle
It's creators are Mariela Marabi and Gustavo Roldan (and here) who are so imaginative and inspirational. I love the chess piece black cat, fab!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A good 'ole belly laugh

I'm back all refreshed, batteries charged and raring to go after a long weekend brake in Puerto Banus with 5 fabulous friends, (in order of photo underneath) Ana & Steph ( who were celebrating their 40th! can you believe! they bath in the fountain of youth every morning...) Lindee, Jo and Chris. It was sooooo lovely to relax by the pool, chat, read and most importantly...  
do lots of laughing...
and laugh...
and laugh...
and laugh...
and laugh a little bit more!
Thanks for a fab holiday, you're all such amazing friends, I feel really lucky to have such fabulous friends, the holiday was a real tonic, can't wait for the next time! 
love Lisa Borrower!x
When I got home I got the bestest hugs, pictures and loves from Lil, Sonny & Sky and a few tears as Sky said "I've missed you tooo much Mummy I need a hug!" Chris had held the fort brilliantly and I had a full chicken dinner waiting for me with stuffing and gravy and everything... I could get used to this! ooo note to self: need to go away more often!

Friday, 5 June 2009


Packing has got to be my very least favourite thing in the world to do. I always pack too much, always forget something and it takes me hours...and I'm only packing for me this time not a family of 5...then I get really stressed! 
I'm going to Puerto Banus with 5 mates to celebrate 2 of them hitting the big 40 (I've got years before it's my turn!...) for 3 and a half days!! I haven't been away that long from my kids for a very long time! I'll miss them like mad, but it will be nice to have some me time, belly laughing, reading and maybe doing the odd sketch by the pool! I will feel like something is missing not having to carry a pack of wet wipes in my bag and take a little person to the toilet every 2 minutes ......well I hope not anyway!!
My lovely camera bag is from Happy family on Etsy and my travel storage boxes from Paperchase....my loo roll - co-op!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

'Lil Sonny Sky's Book of the week...

We have a massive ( or "maffis" according to Sonny ) interest/obsession with children's picture books in our house. Along long long time ago before the arrival of children I actually wrote and illustrated some children's picture books and it's something I would love to do again. As the children get older and my time creeps (v slowly) back, it's my goal to get published again ( I'll show some ideas in future posts,) so yeah, we have a "maffis" collection of wonderful Children's books old and new by v talented illustrators. At the mo it's Oliver Jeffers 'Incredible book eating boy' . Sonny just loves this book, he love's the big die cut bite out of the back cover and is convinced Henry  (the book eating boy) has taken a bite out of our book!
... the best bit for me is when Henry is distracted by a cat pooing at the beginning, and licks the yellow pages instead of his ice lolly!! - Also how all the artwork is created on old book covers and pages, it's beautiful and funny well worth checking out if you haven't already!

Our Bench

We have been having the best gorgeous sunny weather ever...and about time too! ... after two miserable rainy summers  ( one year due to Rihanna's Umbrella ella ella eh song  being number 1 the whole entire summer...every time it came on the radio it would cat n dog it down!) so yeah, we're ready for the sun! 

Everything looks so much better in the sunshine and everyone has a spring in thier step. 
Sonny and I went to our bench for our sandwiches yesterday, it used to be mine and Lil's bench when she was a pre-schooler, then Skyla's now Sonny's!
And this is the view from our bench...

Son's in nursery today though so back to work, still might go up to the bench this lunch time, not the same though being billy no mates...although I will have the cows for company!