Wednesday, 30 September 2009

What's Hot + What's not this week...

I'm joining in Clare at Loobylu with What's Hot and What's not this week as I've enjoyed reading Clare's and it's a bit of fun , so this is a little snap shot of what's hot and not in my life this week...


Seeing Skyla in her performance of Cinderella at school, sweeping away with Chris's home made broom of fur tree branches and insulation tape... magic, V. proud ... ( of Skyla...not Chris's broom!)
Being asked to do an interview for Printsy blog on Etsy and being featured in this treasury, lovely.
Eating peanut butter in celery, the watery-ness of the celery makes the peanut butter slide down better, therefore making it possible to eat more peanut butter ( as it gets a bit claggy spooned straight from the jar and sticks to the roof of your mouth) Also it's actually healthy to do this as it is celery... so you burn more calories actually eating it than is in it. ( Well that's what I'm telling myself and I'm sticking to it!)

Getting hold of Eddie Izzard tickets for Manchester in November, can't wait!

Whats not...

Jumping on the trampoline with Sonny laughing then weeing a little bit and realising that I really should have done more pelvic floor exercises after child number 3.

Self serve cash till with 3 children, is definitely a no do situation, especially after school when hunger and tiredness is involved.
Lil loves scanning everything through (playing shops really), but when Sonny's screaming he wants to do it, and Sky's shouting
"it's not fare Lily's done 3 items and I've only done 1"
then Sonny starts screaming
"I'm doing this one"
and as I turn around to sort it all out I realise Lil and Sonny are fighting over a box of Tapax to scan! ( much to the amusement of the crowd thats forming),
then the flashing light goes off on our till for the assistant to come over because the bag weight doesn't tally with the goods scanned and that's because Sky's decided to skip the scan bit and put them straight in the bag....
Oh I wanted the ground to swallow me up, especially when I looked around and we had an audience of shoppers que-ing (sensibly) for the cash till with an assistant on!
never again!

Running out of celery and getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth!

'Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week

Dog Breath, The horrible trouble with Hally Tosis by Dav Pilkey ( of Captain Underpants fame, which Lil loves!) is as much for the adult reader as it is for the children! And after reading the Dinosaur facts book for the billionth time and pretending to be the T-Rex bed time monster I'm ready for the fun and light relief found in Dog Breath!!

I read it last night and Lily was laughing at bits that a couple of years ago went straight over her head ( she's growing up tooooo quickly!) Whereas Sonny & Sky were really concerned that poor Hally (who lives with the Tosis family) would have to leave the family because she had bad breath!

It's a really fun book and one to read for a giggle at bed time.... especially when Lil asked me..." so do you have Hally Tosis Mum?"...the cheek!

Thanks Raf for your mermaid picture! I love the sunshine behind her head!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Every Mum knows that surviving each day with children, work, domestic bliss, jobs you have to do, jobs you need to do never mind the jobs you'd like to do is a a big balancing act... one I'm rubbish at!, and I've dropped a few bean bags! ... but I think I'm back on track!! ( well as much as I can be!!)

This week I'm finishing off lots of little jobs I've started and ... ooo not finished and also wanting to start researching and planning a couple I've had in my head for a while!! ( ok so another balancing week!!)
I'm wanting to research mermaids, as I'm planning on doing a re-print with a change of colours and size on my mermaids print, and also start a new one!
Here's my research so far...

If you have any links or images of mermaids then leave me a comment I'd love to see them!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday feeling...

I finished my owl, it was a hoot to do!! (oooo sorry it's nearly the weekend!)...when I'd finished I was clearing up and shutting down my mac and pressed the photo booth by mistake. 

My kids love photo booth, they will sit taking silly pics of themselves ( and any passing adults) for ages! It made me laugh going through 3 years of photo booth photos!!, so I thought I'd show a few for that silly Friday feeling!...

I love my kids!
Hope your weekend's filled with a few belly laughs!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

My creative space...

This morning I have been working on a commission for a baby's Christening pressy, a sleeping owl wishing babe sweet dreams, at my desk...

... my desk! Every time I join in with my creative space at Kootoyoo, I realise how messy my studio is! One week I'm going to actually tidy... although this is better I think than a staged glossy magazine style shot... more authentic...keeping it real... shabby chic... ok ok I'm grasping at straws now! I will tidy!

And I'm now looking at my inspiration, happy up lifting mood notice board which I did over a year ago and it really needs tidying up and updating... job no 77... today!

Nearly finished, but have to stop to do job no 5 today!! Eeeee no rest for the Hot Bab! 
( It actually reads Hot Babe, which is obviously more accurate!!)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

new discovery...

Last Friday after school Lil and I called in the little second hand book shop on our way home. 
It's an Aladdin's cave of treasures and has that smell of old books, paper and print. 
We went straight to the children's section and started looking through all the books. Lil picked a Jacqueline Wilson book straight away, then started asking how old the books were,  I showed her how to find out the publication date, 
" Wow, they're older than Daddy," 
" Yep, and some are even older than Grandad and great grandma Ev!!" 
" No way"...way!
The owner was laughing at Lil then got out the oldest book he currently had in the shop, it was 120 years old and Lil was very impressed with his interesting stories about the content of the book and that the book would have only been read on Sunday at Sunday school. 
I love shops like this.
Anyway, I found two old Orlando books, illustrated by Kathleen Hale. 

They were only £1.50 each and they have the most fantastic illustrations in them, ( the illustration above is my fave, click on the pictures to get a better look)
the use of colour is so inspirational and every time I look at them I notice something new in the details. The text is loaded with humour and wonderful characterisations.

Read the text on this last picture, Orlando is a doctor with a difficult patient.( sorry for wonky scan)
I think I'm going to be inspired by Kathleen Hale's work in my next screen prints!

Just changing the subject, as we drove to school this morning it was raining, bright sunshine and a massive rainbow stretched over the valley and this song was on the radio

the kids were quiet ( for once) while the music played, (I'd never heard it before) and while it was on Sonny was in the car seat next to me and reached for my hand on the gear stick and said " Mummy, this song makes me want to cry and love you" !!!! ... in touch with his emotions at 3 and a half!!!! Ahh just one of those tiny magic moments you get every now and then.

Monday, 21 September 2009

weekend in 3 pictures!

Picking sloes to make Christmas Sloe Gin...

making Daddy's into Mummy's at a very sunny September birthday party...
(look at the concentration on Sonny, his bottom lip comes right out! we didn't see his top lip till he was one! love him!)

sewing Dolly's hair back on!
I also had a great time at the Spar on Saturday thank you Selena for asking me! Hope you weren't too shaky Sunday morning! x

Friday, 18 September 2009

pleased as punch...

As a surprise for Lil, Chris got her winning medal engraved. 
He down loaded the theme to Rocky and then started playing it loud as Lil stood bewildered on a chair saying "Ok, they've finally gone crazy..."  but when she saw her engraved medal she was pleased as punch, although the Rocky reference was totally lost on her ( at 9!) and very self indulgent on Chris's part but it set the atmosphere perfectly and we all had a laugh!

I'm also pleased as punch at finding out that Rob Ryan ( I love love love his did I mension I love it?), Well, he's only doing an exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park ( One of my fave places in the world and only a stones throw away!) I can't wait, it's great that he's showing his work 'up north!' as I can't get to his shop Ryantown in London, although I've shopped at his Etsy shop ...

I bought this for Skyla, because it's, well, very Skyla!! ( The little bird is saying "why are you so naughty?" -  Because I'm so happy!)

And I bought this for Chris for Christmas,....and we're going to do all it day, (Click on the image and read the words they're very sweet)   Chris is far too conscientious to ring in sick...but I'm working on it

So v excited for that!
And finally I've listed two fabric artworks in my Etsy shop ( They're 2 from the Umbrella Prints challenge)
I've got to go pack now I'm going to a health spar tomorrow for my friends 40th birthday ( Happy birthday Selena!) for a day and night of relaxation!! have a great weekend!  :)

Thursday, 17 September 2009

my creative space...

On my desk today ( I sound like a cheesy game show host, just imagine some Sale of the century music behind me!!) Anyways, there's a little piece of fabric art I'm starting, Mr and Mrs Rabbit with the words 'Some bunny loves you' ... too corny do we think? I must be in a cheesy-corny mood today!
Whilst sewing the pieces together I'm watching the beautiful Salma Hayek in the fantastic film Frida,  about the life and work of the wonderful Frida Kahlo... (still) a very messy creative space, I'm working on it, I'm working on it!!

The postman's just delivered my e-bay purchase of a job lot of old and new Zips for the bargain price of £3! for future fabric arts, and this is where I'm up with the bunny's now the films finished. 

I have to put the bunny's down now and do some other work, but now I've seen Frida, I'm desperate to paint! ...I can hear them paint brushes calling to me.... "Lisa grab us and your acrylics and set too creating a masterpiece"... can you hear them?
 Oooo maybe it's time for a brake, I'll put the kettle on.

and remember    Some bunny loves you...