Friday, 25 February 2011


We went to the pictures yesterday and Saw Gnomeo and Juliet,
Juliet's best buddy the frog fountain was the best character by far and had us giggling in our seats!

Have a wonderful weekend, 
we have a busy one planned, I have to buy a new car :( I've had my little Punto for 11 years and it's seen me through all my bubs, play gym parties, millions of school runs, end of an era really, sad to let her go:( but we have great friends coming over and parties so fun and games!!
Hope your's is fab!!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

I think I'm a little obsessed with my discovery of the totally fabulous illustrator Brian Wildsmith, 
( I found him via this post on fab Roddy and Ginger )
He is inspirational eye-candy for my artistic soul!! ( Wow, that was a bit good for me for 10 o'clock on a Tuesday morning!!.. it's because the kids have gone to Gran & Grandads for the day so I can actually construct a sentence without being interrupted!)

This gorgeous book 'Brian Wildsmith 123'
( I've put in 'bookshelf lovelies' in the side bar along with a few other beautiful Brian Wild Smith books)

inspired a morning of painting yesterday for Lil Sonny Sky...

Sky's masterpiece,

Son's masterpiece,

and Lil's masterpiece!

even the mess made was lovely,

Sonny love's to read this learning to read book by Brian Wildsmith, I love the cover,

and he love's the 'Hare and the tortoise' in this Fables' book along with the 'Lion and the mouse', and I love reading it to him as I get to study the beautiful art work.

Here's Brian Wildsmith's website... he has a museum in Japan!
and here is a google images search just for more of that eye-candy, 
hope you're as inspired as I am! 

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Happy sock...

Sky had been given a sock Monkey kit for her birthday, 
so we set about making 'Socks' (Sky's name for the monkey... highly original! but cute!)
Son wanted to get involved with the stuffing! after sky had stitched the different sections,

...a naked 'Socks',

more stuffing, 

so far so good,

We were really inspired by 'Socks and Gloves' and 'Happy Gloves' by Miyako Kanamori  (I've added them to my book shelf lovelies in the side bar) 
They helped when we got stuck with the instructions in the kit. They have amazing inspiration in them to make other sock and glove softies,

and then, ta-daaaa!

a fab banana eating 'socks'!
Sky did amazing, v proud!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Half term fun...

It's half term!
And looking out of the window right now, it's going to be rainy day activities all day!
It's just lovely to chill out and spend some time with my Lil Sonny Sky!
Have a fab week, whatever the weather!:)

Friday, 18 February 2011

Fab Friday!

I'm such a massive fan of Adele, I've posted some of her music before, she's goose pimply amazing live such an amazing talent,
this was Adele at the Brits this week, she made me cry!! so passionate,

how amazing's that! 
simply gorgeous, no computers just a fab voice and a piano!

Right dry those eyes and wipe up the snotty nose
and have a fabulously fab weekend!!

Thursday, 17 February 2011


I wanted to do some experimenting with paper, pattern and colour for some bigger art works I plan to do, so I thought I'd start with a sketch I've had for a while of a Kokeshi doll in my collection... ok so 3 might not class as a collection but working on it! 
This little doll was a present from my mum and dad, 
So, this was the sketch that I then turned it into acetates for...

first colour, cream,

second colour, Ochre, 

third colour, red,

Fourth colour chocolate! (of course!)
a few details...

ta daa!

finished little Kokeshi doll.
I plan to do more of these, and I've learnt so much from this one and really enjoyed the process today, 
as it ran very smoothly! 
Which is fab! 
I love it when a plan comes together and you have a good day!!
Hope you had one of those days too, where the lights turned green every time on the way home, and there was a parking space with your name on it and you had a pound in your purse for the trolley at the sooopa! 
'Cos I had one of those days too!:)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

hanging around...

I received this beautiful bat for Christmas from the lovely Amy at Amy Stitch, 
he hangs from one of the beams in our front room and is so wonderfully made, 
as always my photography doesn't give him justice at all! He has lovely leather wings with tiny holes punched in them and fab thread covered wire legs, just lovely! He looks so cozy on an evening when the log burner's on and the lights are low!
You can see more of Amy's fab work here,
that's enough hanging around now, back to work!...

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Lil Sonny sky are having a creative day today, making valentines cards!
This design I did last year and is in M&S at the mo, taken from this screen print I did last year.
Hope you're having a chillaxing Sunday!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Fab Friday!

How fab is this note book?!
It makes me want to buy it and write my first novel in it pronto... it'll be a best seller!!

...and this gorgeous sun bird wrapping paper!
All from this brilliant shop 1973, have a look for fab wrapping paper and eye candy cards!!

And, my 'Listening (to your heart song)' has been treasured here!

Right then, I'm off to pack for a lovely friends 40th over in the wonderful city of York tonight and tomorrow.... child free!!
So out of my hand bag goes the wet wipes and in goes the lippy!!
have a fab Friday and a grand weekend :)