Thursday, 15 December 2011

Happy Christmas

What a year!
A bit of a roller coaster ride! with a few loopa da loops,
but I've survived! we've survived, 
and now we're all set for a fab relaxing Christmas with no chemo! 
Can't wait! fab!

Wishing everyone a magical Christmas time with lots of laughs and a very very happy and healthy 2012,
and I look forward to reading all your fab and creative adventures in an exciting new year! xx
Thank you again :)
health and happiness always Lisa xxx
( notice me on the end with no hair! they don't do clip on head scarves in Playmobil !!)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Last One!!!!

Sky took some photo's of me before school this morning to celebrate last chemo day!

This lunch time I'll be zapped for the last time by the lovely Jo who is my IV nurse, whose so fab and chatty and makes the whole experience painless and fly by, she's wonderful, and I thank my lucky stars that I got her to do my treatment!

I'm wearing my gorgeous raspberry beret that Ilona from I DREW THIS sent me, her talented mother in law crochet it! Thank you x and Kate Slater's Robin brooch for my last Christmas chemo, thank you.
Thanks to everyone who have sent me gifts and cards throughout my treatment, I'm touched at your loveliness, thoughtfulness and support and I better stop I can feel a snotty tissue moment coming on!!


this is it!
Still kicking it's ass with Christmas ob-nail boots on!

Bless Sky taking the photos, they've come out very grainy, which with my red sunbeam steroids face is probably just as well!

I tell you, at the moment I'm getting all my words muxed up, I blame the Chemo but I think unfortunately it runs in the family as my Mum calls Gary Barlow, Barry Garlow all the time, and has got me saying it now! So I don't know if I can play the chemo card on this one!
The other day I was in the shower and Sonny was sat on the loo and we were both singing the Christmas song, 'let it snow let it snow let it snow
There's a verse with the line, 'and I've got some corn for popping'
I sang,
" and I've got some porn for cocking" !!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't stop laughing! Sonny wondered what I'd said!
Oh my goodness, I hope this disconbobulation stops with the chemo!!!

So, Christmas chemo, turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwiches, mince pies and mulled apple juice, Love actually on in the background and Christmas scratch cards as I'm feeling lucky!!
Massive thanks again for all your support, gifts, lovely comments and cards, I truly appreciate it.