Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Art on your doorstep

Art on our Doorstep is an exhibition of local artists work at The Red House Museum Cleckheaton West Yorkshire. I was asked if I'd like to submit 4 pieces which I've done!
If you get chance to see it do! Deets are here ( as my ever so cool daughter would say.... doesn't sound quite so cool coming from me though!)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Happy days!
A new 3 colour screen print,
This is part of a series, inspired by my wood collages and my free Spirit print,
which, incidental has raised over £500 so far for Yorkshire cancer centre, fab! Way hay!!
Happy days indeed!
Keep smiling x

Monday, 28 May 2012


We have a new addition to the family!
His name was Diddles when we picked him up, but I made it quite clear from the start no cat of ours is going to be called Diddles, what kind of adventures would he go on with a name like that! and there's no way I'm calling Diddles at the door of a morning!

So we re-named him Cassius,
 a nice strong cat name , 
Cassius is going to go on fab adventures and be home in time for tea!
But until he does he's grounded till he's had all his injections! He's only 9 weeks old:)
Hope you're all enjoying the glorious sunshine!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Proud mum...

We're doing the Race for Life again in July,
I will be able to run it this time as last time I'd just had my op and wasn't allowed to run,
This time I'm going to go for it!
The girls are so excited to take part and support and we've set up a just giving page of there own,
Lily & Skyla's page!
£100 is their target, so good luck my darlings I'm such a proud Mum! xx

Monday, 21 May 2012

week off...

It was blooooming fereeeeeezing on Saturday in Leeds... what month are we in again?
and because of this the turn out wasn't fantastic, but we managed to raise £130 which is more than I thought we'd taken and better than a " kick 'up back side" as some Yorkshire folks would say, 
so all good!
Thanks to lovely Jo who came along to help out and support and Mum & Dad! xxx You're stars xxxx

All this fund raising and busy busy work work is slowing down for a week,
burning the candle at both ends may burn the brightest but it burns out quicker! and we don't want that,
time to regroup!
I've got check up at the hospital this week, an MOT! So need to slow it down!
I'm also helping at school as they are having Italian week and selling pizzas to help me raise money which is so wonderful:) and I need to get my training back up to speed which has taken a back seat with everything going on!

Have a fabulous week!
hope it's creative:)

Friday, 18 May 2012


... not the James variety! this isn't Miss Money Penny or Pussy Galore,
This is another version of 'Thanks Love'
I wanted to zoom in on the image for a sense of closeness and to try and exaggerate the lovely textures that come through when screen printing, so I did a bit of experimenting yesterday.

I also screened a few more Little Bird BIG SONG cards,

I experimented with different coloured outlines, chocolate and royal blue!
I actually prefer the blue which I didn't think I would!

This week has been such a fab busy week,
I travelled down to London on Wednesday for a portfolio showing, it was so lovely to be away from the computer. On the train down the rape seed oil fields were soooo luminous yellow, they looked amazing! It reminded me of the walk we did last year and I just kept thinking how lucky we are to live in such beautiful country! 

oooooooo bit deep for a Friday,
lets get all light and fluffy!

Tomorrow I'm doing a bric-brac stall at the Yorkshire Cancer Gala Day at Roundhay park Leeds,
They'll be a fun fair, pony rides, Olympic games and the Red Arrows will be flying over ( and not the red admirals as I was telling someone the other day... although giant butterfly's flying over would be pretty amazing!)
If your in the Leeds area bob in and support an amazingly fab cause:)
Have a fantastic weekend!x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

perfect camping

We had the perfect camping trip
climbing tree's, water fights, sleeping in a hoody and bobble hat,
 Amaretto around the fire and ginger cake under the stars,
gorgeous weather and company and sunny skies!

Back to work work busy busy, but with lovely memories! so all good:)
hope you're not working too hard!

Friday, 11 May 2012

chop chop work work...

... busy busy,

I've met myself coming backwards this week!
All good tho, fab to be enjoying the busyness.... even tho it's a bit tiring!

Screen printing a yesterday, 

And now busy baking and packing 
( my pet hate packing, I fall out with all my clothes, the suitcase and all boring sensible dull water proof clothing stuffed into an over sized Ikea bag! I truly envy the organised co-ordinated professional campers!!) 
...for a camping trip with friends for the weekend,

Can't wait to take a deep breath of fresh air and have a vino under the stars around the fire! 
Have a fab weekend!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

dressing up beginning with 'C'...



child catcher...

Chips... will return in a moment!...

Clockwork Orange and Cinders...

Clowning around,
Thanks for making Friday so fab xxx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A fab and funky fund raising update!

We had a fab funky fund raising 70's night on Friday, ( ooo try saying that without your teeth in!)
everyone had to dress up in either 70's clothes or something beginning with 'C'
The dodgy character to my left with the chest wig is my brother! and to my right Chris! The cowboys are my mum and dad and I'm the one sporting a ridiculously large wig and a Abba-ish gold larme pointy collared number!

Local bands 'Call me Blondie' and 'Age of Paranoia' sang and played their hearts out, their passion and enthusiasm is infectious and we were all moshing and dancing away!

The night was a huge success and raised a wonderful £1005!!! fab!
The total so far is a fantasic £3,858!! and I have more money to add and cheques to pay into that too! so just brilliant! I've never organised anything on this scale before and apart from my dodgy raffle ticket calling in thick Dewsbury accent, it went really well so v proud!

Thanks to everyone who donated their time, talents and raffle prizes for free and everyone who bought a ticket and supported our fund raising 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I'm meeting myself coming backwards this week!
I've got lots of ideas, half started work and chaos on my desk!
I'm wanting to enter this competition by the lovely Umbrella Prints,
I entered it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the challenge!

I need to get my skates on though as the deadline is the 30th May and sketches and ideas is all I seemed to have had time for!

So sleeves rolled up and creative marigolds on I'm going to tackle the chaos, organise, discombobulate it all into labelled loveliness ready to be tackled into action!
I'm so busy with fund raising at the mo that all my spare creative time has disappeared, so I need to assess the balance and grab some me time!

Hope your scales are balancing today!