Wednesday, 26 June 2013

last one finished!

All grown up, finished and ready to go to the framers tomorrow!
I found a quote via Pinterest by a lady called Anais nin ( website )

Anais Nin was an American Author of French decent who wrote novels, essays,
short stories and erotica.
When I read the quote it summed up perfectly what I wanted to say in this portrait so I abbreviated it and adapted it into the tattoo on her shoulder.... the girl is going to be called Anais.

I also tried a few prints without the brown hair overlay for a fiery red head!

Last Friday evening was the first evening in what seems like ages we were all in together as a family, no clubs, parties, tea dates, matches, races or gigs just all of us chilling out in the house.
 Sky put Sleepless in Seattle on the DVD and we both sat and sketched whilst it was on.
Sky drew a self portrait with a 'family' tattoo,
And I adapted one of my screen prints into a 'Skyla' like girl with branches for hair and a little bird friend! Sky asked me to print it so I saved 2 back and printed it today and this is the result.

Hope Sky likes it!

Monday, 24 June 2013

All grown up...

 ... the last print in the three, I'm going to finish it on Wednesday this is the development so far.

This design was developed from a sketch I did about growing up, 
turning into a young woman from a teenager, with your heart tattooed on your sleeve and being innocent. I was listening to the Maccabees as I worked on the artwork and was inspired by their lyrics on my favourite love song ever 'Toothpaste kisses' and 'First Love'

I've left some prints without the blue Tattoo on and plan to design another one for the exhibition, 
maybe inspired by Sting/ Eva Cassidy's Fields of Gold? or maybe something more decorative or traditional? off to sketch some ideas!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

bun stall...

the card reads...

Dear Pairants we are having a bun stall and you can make buns and brownees, donuts, flatjack, cookies and cake it's on Friday 21st June to get a compost bin. lots of love from Sonny xxx

I think it would be quicker, easier and cheaper if I nipped to B&Q and bought Son a compost bin.
Better get to the shop and buy some golden Syrup for some flatjack then!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Sweet Angel...

I'm developing my second screen print for Holmfirth Artweek,
going to finish it in the studio tomorrow and also complete the third in the series.

This design is based on me and Lil when she was born, I found a little book of poems and silly verse I wrote when she was tiny and used to call her my sweet Angel,  I used to write them whilst breast feeding! then sing them to her when winding! 
eee how things change,

she's a teenager busy dancing around the house singing Daft punk now!... but in Lil's words " I'm never too old for a coooch Marja!"
Lil calls me Marja now, and Chris Farja, must be a thirteen  thing.... although she's not impressed when I call her onion Barja.

Monday, 17 June 2013

where do the weekends go?

We should have 3 day weekends.... or even four! to cram in all what we want to do,
this living life to the full busyness is tiring but buddy brilliant!

We went to see Paloma Faith at Sherwood pines forest and she was fantastic! such a fab venue!
and Paloma's voice was incredible! ( I love a diva )

(think the backing singer has spilt something on her sparkles before coming on stage:)

Then Sunday was Chris' birthday so Son made a cake and we took it on a birthday/fathers day picnic
to breath takingly beautiful Edale, part of the Pennine Way, so gorgeous.

We were so high up, it made want to sprout wings and just glide across the valley, sigh.
Hope you had ace weekend too:)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Moment in time...

I've been working on pieces for Holmfirth Artwork which is coming up in a months time.
This piece 'A Moment in time (two) is part of that development taken from one of my entries to the Umbrella competition of Lil & Sky.

The piece for the exhibition is slightly bigger than this one and has a bit more work on it, 
I'll show you when I get all 3 pieces framed.

I love Holmfirth Art Week, and feel proud to be able to support it for such a fantastic cause. 
The Macmillan website was my touchstone when I was going through treatment and explained things without scaring me half to death which was a reassuring comfort and helped me understand my situation better which intern kept me positive, so it feels great to be able to give a little back.

If your in the area 7 - 13th July pop in, there's a mix of work from armatures to famous professionals and something to please all tastes, there's also an art market at the back of the hall to buy smaller pieces & cards where everything is priced £1 to £100 all of which a percentage goes to Macmillan,

Monday, 10 June 2013


The talented winners of Umbrella Prints competition!
Gorgeous fish puppet from Cate at Fabi-cate and

Anja at MyMaki

Have a look at the fab Umbrella prints blog for info on the winners and all the wonderful entries, maybe it will inspire you to enter next year!

Friday, 7 June 2013

I love Edinburgh...

What a beautiful city, we  didn't want to come home!
we had such a wonderful time and brought the sunshine back with us,
happy days!
Scotland makes me want to do this...