Sunday, 28 July 2013

Holiday reading...

I've never had to encourage the girls to read, but Sonny has been a reluctant reader, 
but we've been getting graphic novels from the library and he seems to like to read in that comic book very visual format.

I Saw this book, The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas on Amazon, I
 was attracted by the gorgeous cover by Oliver Jeffers, ( who is just fab, and is a total favourite in our house, we've read 'The Book Eating Boy' too many times to count!!)

This book has been the start of our summer reading, 
and we've loved it!
Sonny loved going to bed to read this book every night (that's a first!!) 
and I loved reading it aloud and doing all the different voices for the characters.... it's a great book to read in a broad Yorkshire accent.... my speciality!

Stanley Potts our hero lives with his Aunt Annie and Uncle Ernest, Ernest has gone slightly crazy setting up a potting pilchards factory in their home.... Stanley is forced away by a terrible incident involving gold fish to join a hook a duck stall with a travelling fair which leads him to his destiny.... Pancho Pirelli 
(fab opportunity to do cheesy Italian accent.)

It's a wonderful book and I can really recommend you read it... young or old! 
(oi! less of the old I hear you shout, and I totally agree, the thing about reading to the kids is it's another chance to be a kid again yourself! and after a day of rushing around it's just 'magic our Morris' to curl up and read for an hour, put the world to rights by chatting about hook a duck, piranhas, facing your fears and potted pilchards, 

aaaah perfect.

I've passed the reading baton to Chris now and I've bought Stig of the dump by Clive King, I remember being read this book in Junior school and loving it. I thought it would be a good next book for the boys to read.

This is the next one for me to read,

I love the six week holidays,
although this time it feels a little different, 
Lil's 13 going on 14 now and she's wanting to be off and do her own thing,
which is fab. 
But, I can't help feeling a little sad, that times are changing and my three little kids are not so little anymore and I'm having to start to give Lil  more freedom and Independence as she grows into a gorgeous young lady.


Let me know what your reading or any recommendations, 
or books you remember from your childhood,
Children's books or any other books for that matter,
I'd love to know!

Thursday, 18 July 2013


We're being very creative with this blooming gorgeous sunshine!
 I'm loving the summer we're having this is how I remember summers when I was a kid!
And only one more sleep to The Deershed Fest!

Monday, 8 July 2013

race for life

Yay! we did it, in this sweltering ( not complaining at all at all at all!) heat,
Lil was so tired ( not enough energy to smile ) but managed to cross the 5k finish line in 27mins!, Sky was 37mins and I was 38mins! So so proud!
and well done Murry!
happy Days!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

a week of preparation!

Prints framed and handed into Holmfirth ArtWeek ready for opening day on Sunday... check,

Sonny's costume for school production, 1940's gent.... check,

over sized comedy tie..... check

Scotch on the rocks.... check

painting in my studio whilst high on lemsips, paracetamol, honey and whisky and surrounded by snotty tissues...... check

our signs finished and tutu's ready for our annual Race for life on Sunday 'Kicking some cancer ass'..... check

cheeky butter wouldn't met dimpled boy in onesie wanting stories and cuddles... check

and finally one frazzled Mum on auto pilot frantically buying & baking things for our family fun day organised for Yorkshire cancer Centre This Saturday, who'll get time to sleep sometime next week.... check!!
Happy Days:)