Monday, 31 March 2014

Sensible Dave...

 I've been lucky enough to be working with the fabulous Sensible Dave!
Working on this project has been a total joy! 
It's just so wonderful working with talented positive people 
who's energy and enthusiasm is infectious!

I've been creating the illustrations for the packaging and the talented and very efficient Nicki from Studio in the Attic has been transforming them into ace graphics.
I'm so very proud to be a part of the finished product!

And today Sensible Dave goes live!
See his pedal power creating the very delicious Granola here...

These pictures of the packaging were taken by my Lil! 
She's very interested in photography and is taking it as an option next school year so I asked her to photograph the Sensible Dave packaging for my blog,
and I think she's done a fab job!

I also joined forces with another talented lady Hannah from Hanmade
to print some Sensible Dave tea towels to promote the Granola,

It was so lovely working with Hannah to produce these, hand made in Yorkshire.... using mine and Hannah's elbow grease!

So there you have it,
Sensible Dave's Delicious granola
( the kids love it! the box is'nt full for long!!)
This is the start of many more lovely products to come, 
it's very exciting times! and so far it has had a wonderful response, 
see the website here
and facebook page here

happy Days!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

free as a bird....

I've been experimenting with an idea I've had for a while of printing Lil when she was little in a field of gold, enjoying the outdoors, free as a bird! 
and this is how it's looking so far...

I'm still experimenting,
I'm thinking of doing a collage with lots of paper grass and corn and little flowers with the off prints, and also creating a smaller print but in a rape seed field with millions of yellow flowers.

One of my most favourite things is seeing the rape seed oil fields when out walking which almost look luminous yellow, even on grey days and they'll be out soon! 
To me its the signal that summer is on it's way, long days and happy memories!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Happy Monday...

I'm feeling full of the joys of spring this morning!
The sun is shining, my music is on loud and I'm getting loads done! fab!
This week I'm on catch up, doing all those jobs that have been put to one side and it feels good to roll my sleeves up and clear some 'To Do' piles!!
happy days!

Here is some pics of screen printing last Thursday...

Have a sunny productive Monday!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ruby Throat...

Christmas 2012, I signed Chris up ( my better half ) for a charity trek to Nepal for his Christmas present. I wanted Chris to go on an adventure like I had after my treatment, when I toddled off to climb 3 volcanoes in Italy to support The Yorkshire Cancer centre.

the time has flown by fast and in 7 weeks Chris will be getting on a plane to go to Nepal for his adventure to begin!

Our friend Steve signed up to go with Chris and between them their fundraising has been truly amazing, I'm so proud of them and just love the fact that our cancer experience just turns more and more positive every year ( and fingers and eyes crossed it stays that way! )

They have raised a massive £14,592
which is incredible.

My fundraising efforts to support them, selling christmas cards and the Ruby Throat screen print
( details of how it came about here ) has gone really well and I have half a dozen prints left so if you're interested in supporting you can buy one in my Etsy and Folksy shops.
And to those who have bought my prints & cards, thank you so much, your support is truly appreciated and it fair warms the cockles of my heart at how fab and supportive everyone is.

I'm itching to sign up to do another trek myself and to start fundraising again, I'm also helping Lily with her fundraising for Malawi when she goes in 2015 to help a community over there with school.

fab, happy days!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Quality time...

The Kids are back to school today after half term, 
so I had a my usual Monday morning walk in the glorious spring sunshine, gorgeous!

I've had to juggle work and the kids this half term, so when we've had time together it's been quality time, visiting friends, playing cards, lots of pizza, laughs and drawing pictures for each other pictures...

Hope you've had a creative and positive start to your week:)