Friday, 12 May 2017

A second Golden...

Following on from the success of Golden,
I was asked by the very lovely Watermark Gallery to create another print on the same theme.

So this is the printing evolution of Golden 2! 
Inspired by the gorgeous miniature spring daffodils ( I love a daffy ) that were around in March and April...

First colour down,

second colour,

third shadowy colour,

fourth colour drying,

fifth colour, my favourite!

taking shape now, sixth colour, little trumpets,

A limey seventh colour,

eighth, yellow high lights,

ninth, is the bronze overlay, then tenth black details,

and fineally, the last colour, no 11, white detail.

Ta daaaa!
daffodils drying in the print room sunshine!

I love screen printing, and seeing the print grow!

This print is available in my Etsy and Folksy shops
and also at Watermark Gallery.

Looking forward to finding some time to do more floral and vintage tin inspired prints!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Sister is Bigger Than Me!!

Two years ago I started work on this lovely project, 'My Sister Is Bigger Than Me', 
a text written by Kate Maryon, and today is publication day!!

This is a little visual history of how this project evolved.....

Sketches using my girls, Lil and Sky as inspiration,

Story boarding,

more drawing and lots of workings out,

and drawing, and working out, drawing, drawing, swearing, drawing...

making colour separations and mixing colours,

screen printing all the colours and layers,

and finally finished screen printed art ready to send off to the magic book making fairy 
( Penguin Random House really )

to receiving a finished copy in the post!

It's soooo exciting to see your work as a finished book, 
I always can't quite believe it! and all the hard work and planning and preparing disappears in a big cloud of proudness, loveliness.

My Sister is Bigger than me is available at your local lovely book shop,
and on Amazon.
lucky me.